Energy Policy Strategies of the Baltic Sea Region for the Post-Kyoto Period

The purpose of the Post Kyoto project is to develop energy policy strategies of the Baltic Sea Region for the post-Kyoto period.

The challenges in reaching a common global climate agreement have increased the importance of regional energy and climate policy initiatives and the demand to develop strategies also at this level.

The scenario analysis and the evaluation of policy measures will enable the study to address questions such as:

• Can the Baltic Sea region become CO2-neutral by 2050?

• What is the additional cost of achieving 30-40% CO2-reduction in 2020?

• What are the benefits of harmonizing renewable energy support schemes?

• What are the benefits of a coordinated planning and expansion of the electricity transmission grid in the region?

• What are the benefits of linking the EU Emission Trading System with Russian CO2-regulation?


Inhabitants and gross electricity demand (2008) in the Baltic Sea Region