Analysis of Conditions for Wind Power in the Baltic Sea Region

The result of this study is aimed to serve as a key input for strategic actions to promote wind power in the Baltic Sea Region, i.e. through regional co-operation within BASREC, and hereby optimize the contribution of wind power to fulfil the EU 20-20-20 target (20% less CO2 emissions, 20% more energy efficiency and 20% of energy from renewable sources in 2020) for the Baltic Sea Region and other energy policy targets in the region such as in Russia.

Project summary (pdf)

The final report “Conditions for Deployment of Wind Power in the Baltic Sea Region”:

Presentations of the findings of the report:

Briefing from the Stakeholder Seminar 27 April 2012

top-slider-6The BASREC wind project aims at providing a strategic outline for integrated economic promotion of wind power in the region (Photo credit: Colourbox).